Auckland Videography and Photography

  • When it comes to your business’s digital presence, content is king. But as the digital landscape becomes increasingly saturated, grabbing your audience's attention is becoming exponentially more difficult. In the world of consumers having endless amounts of content to scroll through for hours, getting people to stop swiping up has become the challenge businesses need to overcome.

    High quality photography and videography is the ace up your sleeve to pop out of your customers news feed and focus their attention on your brand.

  • There has been an exciting move in how brands and businesses communicate with their customers over the past decade. Communication between businesses and their customers has become very intimate and personal. Brands with the ability to create a narrative and a persona that people can relate to are now the gold standard. Videography is a powerful storytelling tool that allows these moments to happen. From long form informative videos to sharp and punchy communications, video is a medium that can't be rivalled. Lime Digital can provide you with all the tools you need to create awe-inspiring content with our Photography and Videography services. Whether you have a concept that you want to execute, or you need a bit of Lime’s creativity to create one for you, let our team capture exactly what your business needs.

  • Here’s a fun fact: in relation to other posts on social media, photographic images have about 120% more engagement. A website with photography that fits with the brand identity is perceived as more trustworthy and has an air of professionalism that leads to a higher conversion rate. In the past, all you needed was to be “better than average” with a DSLR camera to take better photographs than 99% of the ones you would find online. But with the rise of the (quite frankly, incredible) smartphone camera, the line between professional and ameteur has become blurred. The average influencer on social media has become a force to be reckoned with, and the bar for standing out is always being raised!

    This doesn’t mean that the need for professional photography services is dead in the water. Sure, it may have become more nuanced, but your key to succeed is still with the use of a professional photographer who knows their craft and creates beautiful images for your business. The margin between amateur and professional may have shrunk, but it is still there, and customers can still tell. Whether these photos are for your website, advertising or social media, the power of a professional photographer with the right equipment in hand can’t be underestimated. Professional photos are now a necessity to compete on the busy digital landscape.

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