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The Black Antler experience incorporates fresh, natural ingredients in an atmosphere as elegant as a Black Antler moving through the natural habitats with nothing but reverence...
Black Antler Eatery

The Background:

Black Antler is a venture deeply rooted in Kiwi ownership and operation, ignited by the Lal family's collective experience of over 20 years in the hospitality industry. Their journey led them to a new high-end establishment, carefully positioned to offer a seamless blend of exceptional food and cocktails, emphasising culinary delights. The outlet's carefully crafted schedule catered to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Mornings began with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, welcoming patrons from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. The expansive breakfast menu remained a delight until 4 p.m., seamlessly transitioning into a diverse lunch spread offered until the same hour. As the sun set, the ambience transformed, and from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., the venue provided an elegant setting for indulging in sumptuous dinners and delectable desserts. This well-curated assortment provided families with a comprehensive experience to savour. Every dish was a testament to the love and dedication of the culinary team, accentuated by the exquisite touch of micro-herbs that elevated each bite. The venture even explored a promising partnership with Zephyr Coffee Co. to further enrich the offerings, making it a truly memorable chapter in the culinary landscape.
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The Brief:

Embarking on a transformative journey, the client envisioned crafting a distinctive brand identity for the eatery that resonated deeply with its essence. In Phase 1, the aim was to capture the soul of this venture through an iconic logo and a harmonious palette of brand colours. The proposed tagline, "a little more," encapsulated the spirit of elevated experiences the client sought to provide.
For Phase 2, upon logo approval, the focus was to expand into a comprehensive array of assets including uniforms, business cards and email signatures that seamlessly integrated the new identity into every communication touchpoint. As we delved further, the menu had to be meticulously curated, showcasing the culinary delights the eatery had to offer. Each concept and asset had to be a testament to the desired positioning, "Classy but approachable." Operating within the desired tone of warm, friendly, inviting, and undeniably elegant. Our journey was to create a brand that exuded class at every touchpoint. This identity had to resonate with patrons at a profound level, inviting them to immerse themselves in an experience that is not just a meal, but a cherished memory.
Black Antler Eatery homepage

The Solution:

The premise of the solution stemmed from the insight that the brand had to reflect warmth, friendliness, inviting and most importantly the brand had to stand out. The brand name Black Antler is a symbol of energy, strength and fertility and this summarises the values of the brand, the symbology of the deer and the Antler is a combination of strength and friendliness.

The representation of the deer with the antlers as a silhouette gave the desired visual class to the brand. The brand colours we introduced complimented the logo, and the usage of black, blue and gold in the palette represents trust and stability.

The logo was also extended to assets like the website, outdoor signage, the menu, business cards and Email signature giving uniformity to the brand.
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The Outcome:

The outcome was a Brand book that clearly defined the logo usage, brand colours both primary & secondary, and font usage giving the brand a springboard before launching in the market. The outcome is impactful and can be experienced live by walking the streets of Browns Bay physically or browsing the website virtually. Either way, the impact is real.


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