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The MacMurray Centre, a renowned entity in digestive diseases & endoscopy from Auckland, embarked on a new journey by relocating to Cambridge in 2019. This move led to the inception of the Cambridge Specialist Centre, a brand-new Gastroenterologist specialist centre.
The MacMurray Centre,

The Brief:

The MacMurray Centre, based in Auckland, is a leading practitioner in the field of digestive diseases & endoscopy. In 2019 the practice decided to relocate to Cambridge and start a new Gastroenterologist specialist centre. The new practice was named Cambridge Specialist Centre. To begin with, the new Cambridge Gastroenterologist Specialist Centre specialises only in Gastroenterology and endoscopy. The brand was completely new to the market and the brief clearly was to develop all the brand assets and give a personality to the brand.

The challenge:

To establish a new Gastroenterologist specialist centre in a city that has no such facility and create brand recall.

The Solution:

The solution stemmed from understanding the audience and their sentiments. We created personas that dictated the personality of the brand. The personas as the research stated were segmented into:

  1. Obese – Need to lose weight. – Super downsize me.
  2. Just Gave Birth – Needs a tailored approach to losing excess weight post-childbirth
  3. Wants to look and feel better (Instagram People)

Armed with this knowledge we started giving shape to the brand by defining a new logo, positioning, colours, and fonts. This led to the building of a website that was highly intuitive and gave a solution to a genuine problem. Interactivity and understanding the audience’s needs were key, which we achieved in the form of a Q&A. The warmth was achieved through the content and the UI which addressed the audience and their insecurities directly. The UX was geared towards a solution and an outcome to prompt the customer to sign up as a lead.

The Outcome:

A website that not only stood out in a cluttered market but also started generating leads. We kept business in mind while creating the website, the visuals and the words led to case studies that prompted the customer to the contact form.



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