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In the vast and often monochrome world of interior design, Miss Lolo emerged as a defiant ray of vibrant colour. Founded by celebrity fashion stylist, Tamzyn Adding, in 2013, she declared war on the beige monotony that had engulfed the interiors of countless homes and businesses. Driven by her passion for colour, and leveraging her design degree and a legacy of family artists in NZ, Tamzyn embarked on a journey to inject vibrant life into vintage furniture using stunning fabrics.

The boldness of her approach soon expanded to her designing distinct lines of fabrics and wall coverings. In a matter of years, Miss Lolo garnered national business awards, a robust social media following, and made its mark not only in New Zealand but also in the US, Canada, and Australia. The brand, born from the disdain for beige, was decisively establishing its reign of colours.
Tamzyn Adding
Woman in pink overalls against floral background.

The Brief:

Despite the waves Miss Lolo was creating offline, their digital presence told a different story. Tamzyn's existing Shopify website lacked the audacious aesthetic synonymous with Miss Lolo. Eager to harmonise her brand's online and offline personas, Tamzyn approached Lime. She desired a unique website that would be as eye-catching and bold as the wallpapers and fabrics she produced.
Miss Lolo homepage

The Solution:

At Lime, we knew that a brand like Miss Lolo deserved nothing less than extraordinary. Working closely with Tamzyn, we embarked on a redesign journey to capture the essence of Miss Lolo. Every design element was meticulously chosen to echo the brand's unique aesthetic. The collaboration was fueled by a shared vision, resulting in a website that was not just an ecommerce platform but an online extension of Miss Lolo's colourful world.
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The Outcome:

The revamped website was met with applause and admiration, especially from the brand's most important critic, Tamzyn. But the real testament to the site's success lay in the numbers. Since its relaunch, there's been a remarkable uplift in orders, and customer feedback has been resoundingly positive. The website now doesn't just sell products; it immerses visitors in the kaleidoscopic world of Miss Lolo, proving that with the right digital touch, even the online world can be free from the reign of beige.
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