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With over 25 years of exceptional experience and a commitment to quality workmanship, South Pacific Scaffolding is a seasoned scaffolding company based in Auckland, prioritise customer satisfaction and safety in their operations.
South Pacific Scaffolding
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The Brief:

South Pacific Scaffolding is an Auckland-based scaffolding company with over 25 years in the industry. With a primary focus on customer satisfaction and safety, South Pacific Scaffolding (SPS) wanted to update its old website to give its brand a more modern look, as well as to convey these goals more clearly. This is how it started out, but Jarred from South Pacific Scaffolding had a welcomed challenge for us.
South Pacific scaffolding webpage

The challenge:

A website refresh is typically a straightforward job - as long as the back end is in acceptable shape, any developer can have it done in good time. But Jarred from South Pacific had heard great things about our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts - which often support our from-scratch website builds. The thought of passively attracting new leads every week was too appealing to pass up, so he gave us the all-clear to start preparing the site for an in-depth SEO overhaul. The site had never been built for SEO purposes, so Google wasn’t ranking it anywhere near where it should be for scaffolding-related terms. There was also no site authority, so SPS was nowhere on Google’s radar - we were essentially starting from scratch.

The Solution:

Getting a website to rank for a certain term on Google isn’t an overnight operation. Depending on the competition, it can take months of building up website authority to even make the first page. On top of this, the building industry is booming in Auckland, so there are dozens of scaffolding companies fighting to reach the top.

Luckily for us, we specialise in SEO, so we quickly had a plan in place. The plan started with Foundation SEO operations. This meant that on each page for the original site refresh job, we were busy optimising and refining all of the parts that Google factors into their search ranking index. This included creating highly targeted Meta information for each and every page, every photo, and every heading. The site also needed speed optimisation, a page hierarchy adjustment, and the usual canonical fixes that popped up.

After the Foundation stage had been set up, the site was in perfect shape to start on the ongoing SEO Content Plan. By then, the site looked great, it performed very well, and all of the right changes had been made to ensure that Google looked at the South Pacific Scaffolding site favourably. Now, in line with the Content Plan, we just had to create useful, valuable content through website blogs that targeted the keywords we were after. The more the internet uses these blogs (engaging with them, referencing them, etc.), the more Google sees the South Pacific Scaffolding site as a point of authority - thus increasing Google's rank considerably. There’s a lot more that goes into it, but that’s the essence of how it works.

The Outcome:

After just six months into our SEO Content Plan, we were already on the first page of Google for a wide variety of search phrases- which is a massive first step. Since then, we’ve been able to rank South Pacific Scaffolding at number one for ‘scaffolding hire price’, and number one for ‘scaffolding rental Auckland’. This has made an incredible difference to the number of serious enquiries SPS receive since much more traffic is coming through Google’s front search pages. In fact, we measured that since we started this operation, enquiries have increased by 112.5%, and due to the nature of Jarred’s business, we’d estimate that after just 2-3 conversions, the entire SEO campaign would have been roughly paid for.

We still work with Jarred and South Pacific Scaffolding on SEO, as SEO is an ongoing exercise - and the benefits that have come from this exercise have been undeniably positive to this date.
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