An approachable take on weight-loss

The brief:

The MacMurray Centre, based in Auckland, is a leading practitioner in the field of digestive diseases & endoscopy. Over the years the practice has diversified into various areas, weight loss being one of them. The Centre wanted to focus on this area of service as they believed the market is in dire need of solving the weight-loss challenge which seemed to be stemming from both physical & psychological symptoms.

The brief was to create brand salience & awareness in the market by giving Weightless a brand personality. This brand was meant to have its own identity and all the relevant weight-loss services that MacMurray offered will reside under the new identity. The services under the Weightless brand included:

-Gastric balloons
-Endoscopic sleeves
-Meal replacement
-Body contouring (ONDA)

The brand had to communicate reliability & portray a picture of warmth & care. This sentiment had to stand on its own feet and was cemented with the fact that MacMurray has a team of dieticians, psychologists & specialists who really care for the patient.

The challenge:

The challenge was to seamlessly integrate Weightless into the MacMurray brand without alienating MacMurray’s brand philosophy.

The solution:

The solution stemmed from understanding the audience and their sentiments. We created personas that dictated the personality of the brand. The personas as the research stated were segmented into:

-Obese – Need to lose weight. – Super downsize me.
-Just Gave Birth – Needs a tailored approach to losing excess weight post-childbirth
-Wants to look and feel better (Instagram People)

Armed with this knowledge we started giving shape to the brand by defining a new logo, positioning, colours, and fonts. This led to the build of a website that was highly intuitive and gave a solution to a genuine problem. Interactivity and understanding the audience’s needs were key, which we achieved in the form of a Q&A. The warmth was achieved through the content and the UI which addressed the audience and their insecurities directly. The UX was geared towards a solution and an outcome to prompt the customer to sign up as a lead.

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