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Luke just came across as a guy that could get things done. He's got a really good, bubbly personality, and we found out also that the team that works with Luke is really good. They're really easy to get on with, they get stuff done, they stick to the budgets, they stick to time frames, and so far, the work they've produced has been really good.

The reason that we decided to run with Lime as our partner was because we knew that they had some specialists in different areas, and they were keen from the onset, almost regularly contacting us. You know, making it known that they really want to work with Designation. It does take work to win clients over, and they put the work in and won us over.

I chose Lime Digital because when it comes to music marketing, Lime Digital was the perfect place to facilitate my needs. They have the know-how with all the online marketing. They have the social media. They understand, you know, music advertising, there's video and photography, and also design. And I chose them because they have the perfect vision and the execution to get my website to how perfectly how I need it: creative, fun, energetic, professional, and just an all-round good working culture.

We chose Lime Digital because Lime offers a wide suite of services covering various areas they wanted to work on, such as search engine marketing, SEO, photography, and content creation. Luke is energetic and trustworthy. The Lime team is seen as enthusiastic and genuinely dedicated to achieving excellent results for their clients. Problem-solving is a standout quality of Lime Digital. The team excels in finding solutions to various challenges and projects, no matter how complex, and they adapt to the client's needs.

We choose Lime Digital because of the vibrant, energetic, and cool team. The team was not overly formal but open, conversational, and collaborative. Lime Digital held them accountable and helped with their online presence, bringing a fresh and excellent online image. They appreciated the education provided by Lime Digital and found the collaboration valuable. The recommendation came through a peer who had excellent dealings with Lime Digital, and they quickly saw the expertise of the Lime Digital team.

Lime Digital has always been very straightforward with their communication, and we have always known at every step what is going to happen and how our website is going to look. By the end of the day, it being perfect means our website. You know what? In the end, the result was just great; it was just a perfect result, and that's exactly what we wanted from our website. It's more fun, it's more interactive, and it's a One-Stop Shop for all our, you know, robots.

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