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As a Digital Marketing agency Lime Digital is geared towards enhancing your Digital Marketing presence amongst your potential customers. We are performance marketers and we believe in delivering a handsome return on investment for every dollar you invest. If you are looking to boost your leads or brand presence, look no further, Lime Digital is your ideal Online Marketing partner.


How often do you check the second page of search results? Probably not all that often. So why would you want your website to be on any other page but the first? It’s time to outrank the competition using our professional SEO services!

Let’s face it, Your business showing up on the first or fifth page of Google can be the difference between succeeding or failing. You can have the greatest service or products in the market, but if no one is finding you, it amounts to nothing. The first page of Google captures between 71% and 92% of website traffic clicks… the second page only captures 6% and this fact remains true for Google SEO. There really is no competition with those figures, and why having an SEO consultant is a great idea for your business.

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Google PPC

Odds are, there are already customers with money in hand searching for your services. Lime Digital’s Google Ads management makes sure that the right people find you…rather than your competition.

Your ideal customer already exists and is searching for your services or products. So let Lime Digital make sure they find you. It’s become clear that having a presence on the world's biggest search engine, Google is a necessity for businesses to succeed these days. Google boasts 228,000,000, or 63,00 searches per second. That is insane. These sheer numbers are impossible for most people to get their heads around, but it shows one thing for certain… people are searching for EVERYTHING. And this includes the products or services your business has to offer.
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Social Media Marketing

These days, your social media is likely to be the first conversation you have with new customers, so let’s make sure your social media management aligns with your brand’s identity and voice so that you can nail that first impression!

Social media marketing can no longer be just an afterthought for any robust digital marketing strategy. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become the hub where most people hang out online - it’s known as “social” media for a reason!
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Email Marketing & Automation

Stay in touch with your customers via meaningful & well-thought-through Email marketing strategy, from the first contact right through to letting your audience know what your latest product or service offering is all about, do it with class by choosing Lime Digital.

Email marketing and automation is a secret weapon that many businesses are unaware of. Sure, creating mailing lists and sending out promotional offers and newsletters is a common marketing practise, but it’s really only paying lip service to the true potential email marketing and automation have. So don’t just scratch the surface of this incredible tool, let Lime Digital create a Email marketing strategy to unleash the power of email marketing and automation.

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