How often do you check the second page of search results? Probably not all that often. So why would you want your website to be on any other page but the first? It’s time to outrank the competition using our professional SEO services!

Let’s face it, Your business showing up on the first or fifth page of Google can be the difference between succeeding or failing. You can have the greatest service or products in the market, but if no one is finding you, it amounts to nothing. The first page of Google captures between 71% and 92% of website traffic clicks… the second page only captures 6% and this fact remains true for Google SEO. There really is no competition with those figures, and why having an SEO consultant is a great idea for your business.

Professional SEO Services

Thankfully, Lime Digital can help you navigate the confusing maze known as search engine optimisation by delivering professional SEO services. Put simply, search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) is making sure that a website and its content are set up correctly for search engines such as Google to index. This indexing allows search engines to arrange, or “rank”, websites into an order that is most relevant to what users are searching for.

While it may be easy enough to explain what SEO is, putting it into practise is a different story altogether. Keeping up with changes in Google’s algorithms and practises is a full-time job. So that's exactly what we did...we assembled a team of experts that live and breathe search optimisation and operate as an SEO agency.

Local SEO Services

So why not let us tighten up your website's back end, metadata and content to help your business climb the rankings? Through strategic research of trends in search engine marketing and tweaking your website's content, we can assist in getting your business where you want it to be. Whether you’re after a local SEO strategy or attempting to capture a worldwide market, we can handle it.

Don’t let your website die at the bottom of the search results. Let Lime Digital help you rise to the top.

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