Social media marketing agency

  • Social media can no longer be just an afterthought for any robust digital marketing strategy. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have become the hub where most people hang out online - it’s known as “social” media for a reason!

  • Allow me to introduce myself...

    The heart of what social media is for a business is the opportunity to have a conversation with your potential customers. Often it is the first introduction your customers will have to your business, and the thing about first impressions is you only get to make one! So let Lime Digital's expert social team craft the perfect icebreaker for you, so that you can introduce yourself to your soon-to-be customers. Once you’ve shared a virtual handshake, a good strategy will allow you to keep the conversation going.

  • Putting it all together

    Getting the conversation started is only the start. Social media is an extension to your brand's identity, from its voice to it’s visual assets. As a social media marketing agency, Lime Digital makes sure that your business is being represented accurately and consistently across all social platforms. We create curated, coherent journeys for customers choosing to enter your sales funnel through social media. The key is consistency, from branding (profile pictures, banners, and copywriting) to the more nuanced aspects of social media (post frequency, audience targeting and promotional posts).

  • Your audience is waiting

    Leveraging social media can be an awesome tool to carve out your perfect audience. This is because users are easier to be categorized by their interests, life events, locations and other metrics that advertisers and marketers of the past could only dream of. This makes it easier to get your message in front of the right people at the right time. This opens the door not only for you as a business, but to users who are much more likely to convert to customers when presented with a curated, dynamic advertising experience.

    So let Lime Digital’s social media marketing services take care of your social media. Whether you’re looking for a quick boost in getting your socials up or running, or are after an extensive social media strategy, our team can make sure your audience are hitting the like button.

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