Corporate apparel design

  • To us, fresh cuts aren’t just for limes. Creating team branded apparel that involves just plastering a logo on some cheap shirts just doesn’t cut it. Well designed apparel should excite your team, evoke a feeling of unity among them, and have them thrilled to be wearing it. Too often, teams are supplied with apparel that they wear simply because they are required too. This apparel is relegated to a dusty corner of their wardrobe when they’re not on the job. Lime Digital thinks that it doesn’t have to be like that. Why can’t apparel work as a branding exercise, while simultaneously leaving the team looking awesome?

  • Your Brand...on the Go

    A benefit of branded apparel is the opportunities it offers for exposure. If done right, it can act as a conversation starter when out and about. That conversation might involve the apparel looking good, or a question about what the branding is. Either way, this is an opportunity for exposure, and you never know, may lead to a future customer that elsewise may not have come across your business. It’s a common branding exercise to put decals on company vehicles to promote a business, and is a strategic option in gaining exposure in the areas you work why not do the same with apparel? This can be much more effective than a billboard that only stands in one place.

  • Not Just an Exercise in Brand Building, but Team Building Too. Everyone likes feeling like they’re part of something. We all want to find our tribe. Creating apparel for your team that looks good and creates a sense of comradery is a great way to boost morale. It doesn’t matter if your team is wearing it on the job or at the bar during after work drinks, that sense of inclusion is bound to make everyone feel like they’re on the same page. It creates a sense of culture amongst your workforce, lets them know they’re a team and that they’re in this together… all while looking great at the same time.
    So say goodbye to those old tees and polos that no one wants to wear and get your team some custom printed apparel designed by Lime Digital. Have your team looking like that business that everyone wants to work at.

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