Website and domain hosting

  • The internet never sleeps, and therefore by extension, neither does your business. People are engaged and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can’t afford any downtime when it comes to your business’s online presence. Don't be caught with your pants down, Lime Digital offers hosting, maintenance and support to make sure your business remains online, so that you never miss any crucial opportunities.

    Lime Digital offers website hosting services to keep your business up and running. Our hosting plans mean that your website is safe and secure, with everything you need to stay online. We can tailor our services for whatever level of hosting your business may require, from simple domain hosting through to complex customer databases and storage. Our hosting is quick to keep your website fast and responsive whilst simultaneously ensuring that it is always available for your customers to find it.

  • Maintenance and Support

    There’s only one thing worse than a website going offline when a customer needs it...and that’s a broken website. The problem with a broken website is that it leaves a lasting negative impression for customers. Worst case scenario is they are unlikely to ever look your business up again, best case scenario they want to get in contact with you directly and eat into valuable time (for a task that should have been handled by your website in the first place!). Neither of these scenarios are ideal. With the speed at which the online space evolves, with new development standards and updates, website maintenance is a critical part of maintaining a healthy business. It’s one of those tasks that is too important to ignore, but can eat away at your valuable time if left up yo. Lime Digital can make sure that your website remains stable, sanitised and up to date so that it always functions as intended.

    In the event that something does happen to your site, our team offers website support quickly and efficiently. Our mission is to work round the clock to keep your business ticking along, keep its presence online, and the customers rolling in!

Price $25 + GST $75 + GST $150 + GST
Back Ups Monthly Weekly Daily
Monthly Plug in Updates Monthly Weekly Daily
Monthly Maintenance Time X 30 Minutes 1 Hour

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