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  • Our mission is to help our clients reach success.
    We know what it is like to be a small start up. It can seem like every step of the way there’s something else you have to swipe your credit card for in order to even get up and running. Some of these things are a necessity in building a business in the modern age, and sometimes the amount required to invest in getting them for your business can stop you right in your tracks. Having a website for your business is a perfect example of this.

    Don’t panic, Lime Digital’s professional website templates are here to get your business up and running online quickly… without leaving your wallet empty. But won’t a Template Website just look like every other Website?

  • I’m sure by now you’ve browsed through hundreds, if not thousands of websites online. You understand how to navigate them, you understand how the pages are layed out. Take a second to realise the similarities between how most websites work. This is intentional, because there are accepted standards and practises when it comes to website design. A template website takes advantage of this by providing us with the framework to build your site on. There is still room for customisation, your businesses colours, logos, imagery and text. Couple this with a range of hundreds of templates and you’ll end up with a website that is distinctively yours. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to reinvent the wheel...It’s easier to simply repaint it.

  • Why should I get Lime Digital to Create My Website Template?

    The reason we offer the option to buy a template is simple - we want to keep the barrier for entry as low as possible. We often speak to people with great ideas that are hesitant to pull the trigger on starting or expanding their business because of the cost. So this affordable option allows you to get your foot in the door without ever sacrificing that high quality, professional website your business deserves.

    Low cost, and with an impressively fast turn around, what more could you ask for?

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