Custom designed and developed websites

  • If you have a clear direction for your business, a desire to go where no website has gone before, a custom website can bring your vision to life. A custom website gives you the creative freedom to colour outside of the lines, zig when others zag, and make an impact on your market… all while Lime Digital ensures that everything works as intended, is easy to navigate and looks incredible as your custom website developer.

    Consumers are spoilt for choice. Nowadays, people don’t just pop onto the first website they come across when looking for a service or a product. They have a world of opportunities at their fingertips to compare companies before making a decision before handing over their hard earned money. This is why it is vital for your website to capture their attention, allow them to engage effectively, and resonate with their message. Creative custom web design is a powerful tool to make all this happen, and if their decision process takes a few days (or even weeks), is a sure fire way to ensure that they specifically remember your site over your competitors.

    Take advantage of Lime Digital’s custom web design services and break new ground. Become a pioneer in your market.

  • Lime Digital is a Simple Solution for your Complex Problems

    Custom website design offers more than just the ability to look better than the rest, it offers the ability to function better. If you have a customer journey or service that challenges the status quo about how things are done, we’ve got you covered. Our role to you as a CMS development company means we can create original and unique solutions for how your website functions, the kind of functionality that web development companies that only offer customised templates just can’t do. Our expert creative and development team are here to take all your complex custom website ideas and create elegant solutions.

    Let Lime Digital be your custom web development company so that you can execute your vision exactly as planned. We’ll make your website work around your business ideas, rather than the other way around.

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