Email hosting and marketing services

  • Email marketing and automation is a secret weapon that many businesses are unaware of. Sure, creating mailing lists and sending out promotional offers and newsletters is a common marketing practise, but it’s really only paying lip service to the true potential email marketing and automation has. So don’t just scratch the surface of this incredible tool, let Lime Digital create a strategy to unleash the power of email marketing and automation.

    Let’s give some context to why you should consider taking advantage of email marketing. In the digital marketing biz, if we can get a click through rate of more than 10% of the people that see your material we chalk it up as a win. With a strong email market strategy in place, the average open rate is 23.4%, and the average click through rate is 17.8%... that is an incredible increase, and why email marketing is still considered king even among all the other marketing mediums available.

  • While these conversion rates are awesome, they are by no means guaranteed. You see, the beauty of email marketing is that mastering automation gives the ability to get the right message, to the right people, at the right time. This involves creating sequences of emails that only trigger under certain circumstances, to specific audiences. Simply put, it’s about having a positive conversation with your potential customers based on their exact needs. This allows you not only to curate your email communications to be appealing to each person that receives them, but also increases the efficiency of your workflow. It allows you to remove the man hours of backwards-and-forwards emailing, while still creating email chain sequences that are authentic and personal.

  • At best, you have a well oiled, fine tuned marketing machine to bring you maximum results. At worst, you can be seen as spam and have your emails sent straight to the junk mail folder. This is why you want an experienced email marketing and automation agency to walk this fine line for you, to optimise your conversions and get maximum results from your email campaigns...without annoying your customers. Let Lime Digital create an email marketing strategy that makes doing business as easy as clicking “send”.

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