Whether you have an existing brand identity, or we’re creating one for you, brand collateral is all about producing additional creative assets that enhance, assist, and expand your brand’s potential.

If you run a business, your goal is for that business to expand and grow. It needs to be adaptive, has its finger on the pulse, & move with the market. So why shouldn’t your brand’s identity do the same? Your brand identity needs to be dynamic, and flexible, and have the ability to create additional elements from it.

Brand Collateral

Whether this is for marketing and advertising purposes, or profile pics and banners for your social media, it all needs to expand on your brand identity. These branded add-ons are known as brand collateral, and they’re often a secret weapon in taking your business to the next level in the eyes of your customers and clients.

Marketing Collateral

Let Lime Digital elevate your brand by having our expert team of creatives handle your branded marketing collateral. No matter what the current state of your business’s visual assets is, whether you don’t even have a logo or have an existing brand identity that needs expansion, we’ll make sure you level up! We keep track of the trends in marketing and advertising, strive to innovate, and create branding and collateral that is designed to reinforce the most important aspects of your business

Business Branding

Business Branding is all about the power of consistency. As a creative branding agency, we ensure that quality design runs through all design assets. This means that all your marketing collateral for branding has the same attention to detail and sharp creative eyes looking over them. From the hero images in your biggest advertising campaigns to the icon sets on your website, all brand collateral designs convey the same messaging, at the same quality, as the rest of your brand identity. It’s this type of consideration that empowers Business Branding to stand out on any platform it chooses to present itself.

Creating brand collateral means that your business will never be stuck in the mud. It’ll continue to advance forward, roll with the punches, and the team at Lime Digital will be in your corner the entire way.

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