Big Ideas

An Abstract Masterpiece

The brief:

Big Ideas is a maverick signage company based in North shore Auckland. The company’s bread & butter is catered to by:

-Sky signage
-Normal neon signage
-Vehicle fleet signage
-Bespoke & custom building signage

The company is a reflection of the owner Ross aka Big Ross and symbolizes creativity, out-of-the-box ideas & signage which stands out. BIG has designed signage for some large blue-chip companies in NZ including TVNZ, Coca-Cola, Chorus, America’s Cup, etc to name a few. The brief was to build a website from scratch, it was actually a blank canvas giving us the opportunity to display our creative talent much like BIG does with its clients.

The challenge:

In a market cluttered with signage companies BIG’s mission was to stand out and in the client’s words, “I want something so different, we want their heart to sink and make them think”

The solution:

Signages are visually rich and our solution was to make the customer think, the images spoke 1000 words with short & snappy messaging which created a mystique around it. The abstract images and the words emoting those images positioned the brand in the artistic arena as BIG thinkers. The visuals and the words led to case studies that were showcased on the website. The website painted colours like bright Orange, Red with a white background and this gave a unique and abstract positioning to the brand.

Website Audit