A fresh set of eyes.

The brief:

Historically liquidation has been the solution for businesses struggling to survive, with 3 out of 5 businesses liquidating in NZ in the first 5 years.
BWA took the bold stance of making businesses survive using Voluntary administration or VA as a methodology. The brand was striving to get a facelift and position itself as thought leaders in the area of VA.

The challenge:

Although backed by a team of sophisticated intellectual giants in the area of VA, the brand itself lacked the positioning to back the intellect and sophistication. The website had no brand cohesion and was perceived as fuddy-duddy in an arena full of blue-chip corporates. Our task was to give a new positioning and voice to the brand and increase its perceived value.
To validate BWA as a leader in the Voluntary Administration, one of the KPIs the client tasked us with was to dominate SERPs for anyone searching for Voluntary Administration. The VA search phrase was traditionally dominated by NZ Govt websites (i.e. & Companies office) as well as a couple of other insolvency practitioners/lawyers who weren’t necessarily specialists in VA.

The solution:

Our solution based on the brief started with articulating the positioning and the brand promise. This led to creating a brand guideline document that defined the logo, the fonts, the primary/secondary colours, icons and establishing a tone for the website. The new positioning and the website backed with professional photography established BWA as a serious contender in the international arena.

Showcase the Website:

Following the website launch, we moved our focus to dominate SERP for the VA search phrase. The first step was to build out the content on the VA page. We worked with the client to write up “An Ultimate Guide to VA”. We published this one on the website along with a short snippet at the top which gave a concise definition of the term VA.

We continued writing high-quality content about VA on the blog and acquired some high-quality backlinks to the website.

The outcome:

The results speak for themselves with an increase in traffic from organic search by 95% and overall traffic increase to the website by 73% when comparing June 2020 to the previous year. The new website has become the hub for marketing, with relevant content and images supporting our search marketing efforts.

The proof to the pudding is the VA section which was completely re-written and designed to attain congruence with SEO and currently the brand and service rank number one on Google.

Not only are we ranking in top position organically, but we have acquired the featured snippet for the term Voluntary Administration as well as the number one position on Google Ads as our competitors are running their own Google Ads campaigns for the same search term.

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