Cambridge Centre

Relocation Situation

The brief:

The MacMurray Centre, based in Auckland, is a leading practitioner in the field of digestive diseases & endoscopy. In 2019 the practice decided to relocate to Cambridge and start a new Gastroenterologist specialist center. The new practice was named Cambridge Specialist Centre. To begin with, the new Cambridge Gastroenterologist specialist center specialized only in Gastroenterology and endoscopy. The brand was completely new to the market and the brief clearly was to develop all the brand assets and give a personality to the brand.

The challenge:

To establish a new Gastroenterologist specialist center in a city that has no such facility and creating brand recall.

The solution:

Our solution was based on understanding the audience, the audience set was divided into two segments. Given the small size of Cambridge, the demographic in the area was a little older than the bigger centers. As a result, they were likely more conservative. The secondary audience was General practitioners who are the main referral source of new patients to the center. Based on this understanding we created a brand that projected approachability, authority, trust, reputability, and modernity, all these values are important for a medical center.

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