Dying art

A soft touch for a hard time

The brief:

The Dying Art website was developed in 2017 utilizing the Big Ideas Group’s internal resources. The website was primarily a catalogue of the creative caskets which Dying Art produces. The caskets are a unique proposition and it helps to celebrate the life of a loved one. The essence of this uniqueness was not getting captured and our brief was to bring the website alive, it had to display emotions and not just display the products.
The new website not only had to showcase the amazing caskets which Dying Art produces, but also inspire the celebration of the deceased’s life.

The challenge:

There were sections of the website that were dedicated to showcasing interesting custom designs, but these pages lacked emotion and really failed to do the brand justice.

The solution:

We created a website keeping the audience and their emotional state in mind. The website had relevant messages backed by soothing images to comfort the audience. The user journey was divided between the family of the deceased and the funeral director displaying the caskets as an interactive wheel. The caskets and urns were categorized under themes, this proved to be an intense exercise with over 100 designs to be displayed. The project took more acute turns when the cardboard variant was introduced alongside the wooden caskets, we 3d animated all the cardboard casket designs giving the customer a clear choice between our eco-friendly wooden and cardboard options.

The outcome:

A user-friendly website that showcased all the casket designs with a personalized experience. The text on the website was minimal and guided the audience through their emotional journey paving a path that eased them into the purchase of the casket. The outcome has been widely accepted by the client and the brand itself got a lot of press coverage giving it an organic advantage in the marketplace.

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