Renovation Works

A Turn-Key Solution

The brief:

No matter what your motivation is, Renovating your house is a dream. This dream is what differentiates a “house” from a “home. Renovation works help people realize their dreams and create a space that is inspirational. The brief was clearly to position Renovation works as Industry leaders who care for their customers taking into consideration the three pillars, scope, budget, and time. This sentiment had to be echoed across all their marketing channels including the website, paid media, and their social platforms.

The challenge:

There was a lack of brand consistency across all their assets, this includes both online and offline. The marketing campaigns were not justifiable with the website not projecting the personality of the brand. This meant a lot of thinking and work but we were up for the challenge.

The solution:

Our solution was to set the foundation correctly, we started by creating the brand identity that defined the logo, brand colours, and fonts. This clearly paved the way for our website and our marketing efforts. The solution was clearly to bring brand consistency into the equation and reflect what the brand stood for, “hassle-free” and “inspirational”

Website Audit