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Driving Growth: How Lime Digital Transformed Simon Lucas Mitsubishi's Digital Presence and Turbocharged Organic Traffic

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I. Executive Summary:

Simon Lucas Mitsubishi, a trusted car dealership in the North Shore of Auckland, faced an online visibility challenge. They partnered with Lime Digital, a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, to bridge the gap between their online presence and that of their national competitors. Leveraging strategic SEO initiatives, Lime Digital not only increased organic traffic to the dealership's website by close to 200% but also earned their trust to handle all Google advertising efforts, yielding impressive results.

II. Background:

Operating for over 25 years, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi has been a leading Mitsubishi dealership on Auckland's North Shore. Despite their significant local reputation, they faced a gap in digital visibility compared to their national competitors, posing a critical challenge in today's digital-centric world.

III. Identifying the Problem:

As the digital landscape evolved, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi recognized that they were falling behind in the organic search results compared to their national competitors. The gap was notably evident for their Mitsubishi Outlander model, which was struggling to rank in the top positions on Google's search engine results page.

IV. The Solution:

Understanding the need for a robust and strategic online presence, Lime Digital proposed an initial lightweight strategy. The aim was to secure the top 3 positions in Google's organic search results for a specific Mitsubishi model. This was successfully executed within six months, prompting Simon Lucas Mitsubishi to request a comprehensive SEO strategy for the entire website.

V. The Execution:

Lime Digital embarked on a data-driven SEO strategy, encompassing keyword research, site optimization, and content creation. A long-term plan was developed and implemented to improve the overall search engine ranking of the website.
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VI. Results and Impact:

The results exceeded expectations. Year-on-year, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi's website saw a dramatic increase in organic traffic of over 100%. This improved online visibility has led to increased leads, higher conversions, and ultimately more sales.

Monthly Organic traffic from April 2020 - June 2023

a line chart

June 2022 vs April 2020

Google analysis: a line chart and a table chart

VII. Expanding the Partnership:

Thrilled with the results of the SEO efforts, Simon Lucas Mitsubishi decided to entrust all their Google advertising efforts to Lime Digital. This includes managing their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and Remarketing efforts, further solidifying the relationship between the two companies
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VIII. Conclusion and Future Plans:

With this project, Lime Digital was able to not only increase Simon Lucas Mitsubishi's online visibility but also strengthen its competitive position in the digital space. The partnership continues to grow, with future plans focusing on maintaining the current success and identifying further opportunities to enhance its digital presence.

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